General information - Computer Science

General information - Computer Science

Name of studies: Computer Science

Proponent and implementer of studies: Bjelovar University of Applied Sciences

Type of studies: Professional programme of study

Level of studies: Undergraduate professional programme of study

Duration of studies: 3 years (VI semesters)

Overall number of ECTS credits: 180

Professional title acquired upon the completion of studies:  Bachelor (baccalaureus / baccalaurea) of Computer Science

General learning outcomes:

  • successfully establish everyday and business written and oral communication 
  • present information, ideas, identify and solve problems, negotiate in the context of business communication
  • use multimedia technologies for collecting, receiving, storing, production, presentation and exchange of information
  • use the English language in literature, as well as in everyday and profession-related communication
  • apply the knowledge of mathematics in engineering problems 
  • be familiar with the fundamentals of company business, including planning, organisation and management 
  • adapt to group and team work in changeable settings
  • recognise the importance of physical activity and its influence on anthropological features
  • apply social and ethical responsibilities in professional work


Specific (professional) learning outcomes:

  • apply the basic principles and methods of computer science in various fields
  • apply the basic mathematical and scientific knowledge in the identification, solving and testing of various computing problems
  • design, create and test computer programmes and produce the relevant documentation for solving computer problems
  • analyse and compare alternative solutions to computing problems
  • create and apply software that meets specific user requirements
  • apply advanced algorithmical and mathematical concepts in software design and analysis, observing the legal and safety regulations and the responsibility of a computer system
  • integrate computers with software in the process of data collection, measurement and display
  • create and apply software that meets specific requirements of the business sector