General information - Mechatronics

General information - Mechatronics

Name of studies: Mechatronics

Proponent and implementer of studies: Technical College in Bjelovar

Type of studies: Professional programme of study

Level of studies: Undergraduate professional programme of study

Duration of studies: 3 years (VI semesters)

Overall number of ECTS credits: 180

Professional title acquired upon the completion of studies:  Bachelor (baccalaureus / baccalaurea) of Mechatronics

Competences:  The Professional Programme of Study in Mechatronics trains students for independent work in a variety of professions that require the knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technologies. Having completed this professional programme of study, students will acquire knowledge, skills and competences that will provide them with the possibility to find employment in a broad segment of the labour market.


General competences:

  • Application of mathematical and physical laws in engineering problems.
  • Use of a foreign language in professional literature and everyday and professional communication.
  • Application of business communication principles in the profession: recognising clients’ needs, presenting information, ideas, problems and solutions to peers and non-professional audience.
  • Openness to the acquisition of new knowledge, skills, abilities and responsibilities.
  • Adaptability to working in project teams.
  • Identification, modelling and solving engineering problems.
  • Harmonisation of engineering activities with the needs of product and service users.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in finding technical solutions while following fundamental ethical principles, legal norms and professional rules.
  • Use of techniques, skills and contemporary tools necessary for the engineering practice.
  • Critical evaluation of professional facts, terms, procedures, principles and theories in the area of mechatronics.


Professional competences:

  • Recognising and proposing adequate materials and machining procedures in the development of mechatronic systems.
  • Dimensioning and selection of standardised elements of precise mechanics, machine elements and assemblies in developing various mechanisms.
  • Construction of machine elements, assemblies and mechanisms in accordance with the laws of strength and deformations, kinematics and dynamics.
  • Control of devices, assemblies, mechanisms and machines in the process of transporting solid materials and in the process of distributing gaseous and liquid media.
  • Knowing the operation principles of electronic and electromechanical converters.
  • Analysing the behaviour of mechatronic systems by modelling and simulating.
  • Designing electronic devices with microcomputers and developing programming solutions of microcomputers.
  • Developing 2D technical documentation and 3D models of mechatronic systems.
  • Calculating parameters of regulators for various technical processes.
  • Design and application of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in mechatronics
  • Programming of programmable logic controllers using current platforms and programming languages.
  • Selecting and connecting sensors, actuators, microcomputers, programmable logic controllers and additional equipment for the automation of production processes.
  • Knowledge of principles of the quality assurance system in mechatronics.
  • Programming CNC machines, CAD/CAM systems and controlling flexible processing systems.
  • Programming, analysis, simulation and demonstration of robots’ operation and planning the trajectory of robot manipulators.
  • Maintenance of mechatronic systems.
  • Integration of computers with programme support in the process of data collection, measuring and data visualisation on a computer.
  • Knowledge of operation principles of renewable energy sources.
  • Recognising and solving problems in a production process that are related to mechatronic elements, assemblies or devices.
  • Planning, monitoring and controlling the production of elements within mechatronic systems.