General information - Nursing

General information - Nursing

Name of studies: Nursing

Proponent and implementer of studies: Bjelovar University of Applied Sciences

Type of studies: Professional programme of study

Level of studies: Undergraduate professional programme of study

Duration of studies: 3 years (VI semesters)

Overall number of ECTS credits: 180

Professional title acquired upon the completion of studies:  Bachelor (baccalaureus / baccalaurea) of Nursing


  Specific (professional) learning outcomes :

  • apply the principles of unitary nursing care observing the individuality of patients and applying a holistic approach and partnership  
  • organise nursing care for different users in different health and social institutions as well as in their homes and monitor its implementation 
  • implement the nursing care process, i.e. assess the needs for health care, set goals and priorities, plan and implement appropriate procedures, evaluate and, if necessary, modify the care plan 
  • keep the nursing records and evaluate the results
  • monitor growth and development of human being throughout all life cycles and undertake the activities that contribute to growth and development
  • implement knowledge and skills that contribute to maintenance of good health and protection against diseases of the individual, families and communities 
  • maintain a healthy and safe environment where the client resides and prevent all kinds of risk
  • monitor the health condition of patients and life-threatened persons and intervene according to competences 
  • participate in planning and carrying out the diagnostic and therapeutic interventions prescribed and carried out under the supervision of a physician 
  • manage a nursing care team, organise and manage nursing services at all levels of healthcare, participate in a healthcare team at all levels of healthcare and cooperate in a multidisciplinary team
  • implement and develop professional relations and responsibilities, behave in accordance with legal, moral and ethical standards 
  • contribute to the improvement of standards in nursing practice 
  • implement adequate communication with clients, families, team members and others in Croatian and in a foreign language  
  • recognise their own needs and possibilities of further education, be updated on related sciences and apply their knowledge in the area of expertise, be updated on research in nursing 
  • assess the needs for education and participate in education and training of healthcare workers, individuals, families and wider communities by applying adequate teaching principles and methods.